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Whether you are a provincial or national sports body who needs a complete sport and leisure management solution, or an event or facility manager in search of consultancy services to bring your event or facility to life, Marketing Sport New Zealand (MSNZ) has the products and services you need to "Realise your vision".

In dealing with a vast number of different sport, leisure and entertainment groups across the world we have found that many are finding it increasingly difficult to grow and develop given the increasing pressures synonymous with the ever changing sport, leisure and entertainment industries. These market changes have undoubtedly put greater pressure on sports events, facilities, and their management and ongoing development.

MSNZ provides a range of high quality professional products and services that reflect these pressures. Time and time again we have demonstrated expert success in providing fully customised solutions for sport and leisure organisations and groups. We pride ourselves on listening to clients needs and then developing packages and initiatives that assist them to achieve their goals.

To solve your problems, fill that need, and enhance your club, school, or business both on and off the field, contact us - we look forward to working with you.

Realise Your Vision with Marketing Sport New Zealand.