Recreational leisure and team sports continues to be one of the highest growth activities all around the world.

Marketing Sport NZ (MSNZ) is an intergrated sport management, leisure and markeitng concepts company and we have been one of New Zealand's leading providers of unique sports.

With over fifty years of collective event and facility management experience in destinations across the world, MSNZ offers a range of consultancy and contract management services that will help your organisation achieve the results you want and need.

Over recent time the sport, leisure and entertainment industry has undergone significant changes. These changes have forced a dramatic rethink of the way sport, leisure and entertainment events and facilities are created, implemented and managed. The sheer growth of the numbers of event based opportunities has also fashioned a much more competitive marketplace. Consumers have become more discerning with both their time and money and will no longer support and be satisfied with mediocre events. People want to be entertained; they want event based experiences that are quite simply brilliant.

With these trends and realities in mind MSNZ specialises in providing the following professional services to sport and entertainment entities and groups:

  • Full or element - specific event and project management
  • Indoor Sport facility management and consultancy
  • Design and construction for unique multi sport facilities
  • Competition / tournament development consultancy
  • Leisure management technology

MSNZ is commited to being an innovative industry leader at the forefront of sports leisure, entertainment & management services, and in delivering outstanding excellence to our clients and the communities where we choose to operate.

We are commited to be the best we can be, assuming a market leadership position in the sports leisure segment. We will achieve this by leveraging our extensive business skills & knowledge through a specialised management group in partnership with key stakeholders where we will develop long standing relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our people are empowered to continually develop ways that improve our services to clients and provide a high level of professionalism in our business dealings. This is underpinned by a commitment to engage in open and honest communication with all partners, clients and representatives.

With involvements ranging from the management of local touch competitions, through to World Cup tournaments, and consultancy to the worlds biggest and most successful indoor sport and leisure venues, MSNZ can work with your organisation and ideas to create the event that people will long remember and come back to with excitement time and time again. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For any inquiries, please email us here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..